Dan Ragonez is a qualified accountant with a first-class Bachelor's in Finance and currently an Executive part-time MSc Finance student at the London School of Economics. Over the past three years, he has worked as a Financial Business Analyst at some of the world's leading investment banks, delivering senior figures within the business with full market commentaries and trading activity analysis on a wide range of securities.

In his personal time, he is an active investor and holds a diversified portfolio of stocks, balanced by targeted research into the Consumer Discretionary and Consumer Staples sectors. Through performing top-down analysis, the incentive is to gain a better understanding of overriding structural and market trends that can be linked to individual securities and their associated exposures. Those most exposed will most likely under/outperform sector averages and generate supernatural returns. Various large cap listed stocks have been priced on this website using valuation models to determine fair value, potential over/under valuation of the market, and a potential investment strategy.

The site is also regularly updated with global macroeconomic news acquired and collated from a variety of sources, including Bloomberg and Factiva. Key economic indicators and geopolitical events within the UK, US and Western European regions are tracked and commentaries/charts are provided on the moving price of Brent Crude oil and Gold.

Any views, data, or opinions expressed on this site are of those of the author and the author alone. They are not in any way connected to the professional bodies or companies the author has affiliations with.